pizza in a hand

Our Pizza

Dough: The secret to our pizza is the dough. Sticking to Italian tradition, we use only 0.0 flour from Naples which gives our pizza that authentic Neapolitan taste. 0.0 Flour, combined with just the right amounts of fresh yeast, water, salt and time (72 hours), guarantee’s a consistently tasty and easily digestible base. Non-gluten pizza bases are available in our Donnybrook location. Same great Fired Up flavour, just without the gluten.

Tomato Sauce: Our tomato sauce is made fresh, every single day. The secret to our tomato sauce is the unique balance of San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil & a pinch salt.

Crust: We’re known for our distinctive crust. By cooking our pizzas at 500*, it allows our crusts to develop into a light, crispy and flavourful slice of art.

Suppliers: Toons bridge Mozzarella, The Wooded Pig, John O’Reilly Butchers, The Happy Pear, Coolhull Farm, Kiltymon Farms.

Wood Fired Ovens: We use Italian, hand-made ovens by Stefano Ferrera. Stefano is a third generation craftsman who specialises in building Neapolitan pizza ovens.

In keeping with our goal from day one, we use only Irish birch wood. We believe that Irish birch gives our pizzas a unique & mouth watering taste.